Lounge Menu

Tidbits & Pupus

Island Tidbits (serves two)   110
Crispy Prawns, Crab Rangoon, Coco Chili Wings
Jalapeño Cheese Balls

Beef Cho Cho    95
Folded Beef Skewers seared rare
With a soy ginger glaze & flaming Hibachi

Jalapeño Cheese Balls   65
Cheddar & Emmenthal cheeses, fresh coriander
Chopped jalapeño, panko crusted & golden fried

Crispy Prawns   65
The original “Crispy Prawn” marinated
Finished with a light crispy panko crust

Crab Rangoon   65
Crab & spiced cream cheese-filled wontons

Maui Waui Shrimp   65
Coconut shrimp tossed in spicy chili
With Katsu Slaw

Coco Chili Wings   55
Five spice braised, chili-coconut aminos
Sesame seeds, green onion, served boneless

From Our Pork Kitchen

Cosmo Tidbits (serves two)   135
Trader Vic’s original pupu platter –
Crispy Prawns, Char Siu Pork, Crab Rangoon & BBQ Pork Ribs

Spare Ribs   75
Our ribs are cured in sugar rub for 24 hours
Then slow cooked in our specialty BBQ glaze

Char Siu    75
Cured & slow cooked to create perfect slices of pork
Finished with toasted sesame seeds

Pork Belly   150
Slow cooked with sweet potato mash
Soy caramel glaze, scallions

Bar Bites

Tuna Poke    99
Yellowfin tuna, avocado, coriander
Soy-chili dressing, sesame, banana chips

Spicy Tuna Tartar   73
Furikake tapioca cracker, chives
Sesame seeds, radish salad, Sriracha dressing

Crab Tostadas   110
Sweet lump crab salad, citrus dressing, avocado
Cucumber, jalapeño, tropical caviar, wonton crackers

Poisson Cru   85
Salmon marinated in lime-coconut milk, green apple
Served in a coconut shell

Tempura Calamari   75
Lightly battered calamari, spicy wasabi mayonnaise

Honolulu Fries   55
Sweet potato fries with blue cheese dressing

Togarashi Truffle Fries   45
Crinkle cut & spiced, Malagasy aioli

Jackfruit Dumplings   55
Spicy chili braised jackfruit, coriander chutney
Habanero pepper coulis, fried crispy

Chicken Kofta   55
Seasoned minced chicken on skewers
With coriander chutney

Mongolian Beef Bao   105
Slow cooked short rib, spicy hoisin glaze
Crispy bao bun, pickled vegetables

Menehune Dumplings   60
Steamed dumplings filled with a blend of
Chicken, shrimp, ginger, scallions
Water chestnuts & sesame
Served with a chili yuzu sauce

Duck Potstickers    75
Hoisin chili braised duck filling, pan fried
Chili yuzu sauce