Hours of Operation:

Tahitian Village
Open from 1PM to 10PM
DJ from Thursday to Monday from sunset to midnight

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Call: 04 230 0053


Email: DXBPJ_TraderVics@hilton.com

The Original Mai Tai® 69

In 1944 Trader Vic’s concocted a rum drink and served it to a guest who, upon tasting it, said “Mai Tai Roa Ae!”...or “Out of this world!” in Tahitian. The Original Mai Tai was made with lime, orgeat, rock candy, orange curaçao and aged rum. Today, the Mai Tai is the most famous rum drink in the world and you can only get the Original here at Trader Vic’s.     

Maui Tai 69

Escape to the Islands with this Tropical Tai infused with a hint of pineapple.

Tiki Puka Puka 77     

A Trader Vic original published first in his 1972 Revised Bartenders Guide. A trifecta of white, dark, 151 rums with orange and spices. This is the Trader’s most famous potent potion.

Guava Tai 69

Our secret formula mixed with guava, light and gold rums.

Honi Honi 72

Here’s a bourbon drink with the spice of the Islands all wrapped into one.

Mango Tai 69

Even more tropical...  with mango.

Vodka Tai 69

Try our variation with vodka.

Pinky Gonzalez 69

An old friend of Señor Pico®. Made with tequila.

Passion Tai 69

Our classic mixed with a hint of passion fruit.

SF Mai Tai 79

The Original with a float of 151. Made famous by Trader Vic’s bartenders in San Francisco.

Our Signature Cocktail -

The Golden Puka 75

We’ve reimagined the iconic Tiki Puka Puka with a tropical twist. Same strong rums and spice notes, but with a hint of passion fruit and pineapple. One sip and you’ll be feeling pretty Golden yourself.

Frozen Cocktails

You can also enjoy any of these frozen flavors alcohol-free, just ask your server.

Tiki Puka Puka  77

Mai Tai   69

Fassionola freeze 65 

Bahia 65  

Chi Chi   69

Make it a large for AED 120 and get a souvenir pineapple mug to take home!

Jalapeño Cheese Balls    


Cheddar & emmenthal cheeses, fresh coriander
Chopped jalapeños, panko crusted & golden fried

Crispy Prawns    


The original “crispy prawn”
Finished with a light crispy panko crust

Crab Rangoon  


Crab & spiced cream cheese filled wontons 

Maui Waui Shrimp  


Coconut crusted shrimp with a spicy chili aioli, katsu slaw

Coco Chili Wings    


Five spice braised, chili-coconut aminos
Sesame seeds, green onion, served boneless 

Hawaiian Poke


Ahi tuna with avocado & soy sesame dressing
Served with banana chips 

Boardwalk Fries    


Crispy crinkle fries
Sweet mustard dipping sauce